What’s the process of Paternity DNA testing in New Jersey?

DNA test is usually used to determine who the biological parents of a person are. Often times, it is the father who needs to be sure if he is the real father of the child. The purpose may be legal or personal. DNA testing centers are there to let you know the biological history of a person. Paternity DNA testing in New Jersey is done because of the same reasons. People would like to know if they are connected to the person whom they wanted to conduct the DNA test with.

Paternity DNA testing in New Jersey usually takes 3 business days for you to know the results. Of course it will depend on the laboratory that you have chosen to do the tests for you. It is offered in the 32 cities of NJ so that it will convenient for you and that to ensure that there is no need for you to travel. You can always visit the website and choose from the several laboratories who offer the same Paternity DNA examinations. Just always remember that the one that you should choose is a trusted or a recommended laboratory so that you can be ensured of the results.

Like in any other states, Paternity DNA testing in New Jersey can be done with the consent of the mother. Usually it is recommended so that the service will be faster for the other half of the child’s biological history is already determined with the help of the mother’s participation. In case the mother won’t participate, the laboratory needs to do the entire examination which eats up the time. However, it can still be done for as long as there are DNA samples from the child and the said father. The result will be kept and will be part of their genetic profile. It can be claimed for future paternity test, for comparison with other DNA results and for cases wherein the child is abducted.

Paternity DNA testing in New Jersey is done with the help of the laboratory experts like the technicians who collects the DNA samples, the doctors and those who are capable to do testing related with Science and Technology. Since each person has a unique genetic history, they carefully examine each samples provided by the client so that the results will be certified true and correct. A client can provide samples such as the strand of hair or their blood if it is within their consent. They will conduct the test and look for the cells to determine if there are similarities on it.

Paternity DNA testing in New Jersey is strict like the other DNA tests in other states because the purpose is usually legal. It is being done to ask for child’s support and child custody, immigration, documents such as birth certificate, tax forms, will or estate, court order, adoption and other legal concerns like laboratory test to help resolve crimes. Whatever legal purpose it may serve, the identity of a person is important because a person needs to know the exact root of his being so that he will be able to confidently work on his own life without anything bothering him about his history.