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Samples that could be tested for DNA
(restriction apply in some states). Self collected cheek swab,FTA Classic Card,Whole Blood,Umbilical Cord Blood, Bloodstains,Sperm (Semen), Toenail or Fingernail Clippings, Amniotic Fluid, Chorionic Villus Sampling (C.V.S.),Fetal tissue,Chewed chewing gum ,Cigarette butts,Hard candy,Used condom,Semen stains on clothing,Used tampons,Used feminine pads,Sweaty Hat or Ball Cap,Hocked Loogie (spit), Plucked Hair, Q-tips with earwax,Snotty Kleenexes,Urine, Electric razor debris….
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All test conducted by DNA LAB CENTER
are performed by AABB accredited labs. Providing that samples were collected with a chain of custody, results can be used in a court of law or for immigration purpose (Homeland Security).
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Complete Confidentiality
Because of the sensitivity of the industry we are involved with, we are fully aware that your privacy has to be protected.
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Global Response
As soon as your results will be available, we will contact you via phone and email to provide you results in a timely fashion. The legal report will mail you within a few days if requested.
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