Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test on Maternal Blood

Until about a year ago, if a pregnant mother wanted to confirm the paternity of her unborn child, she had two options.
The first one was a CVS test. An OBG- YN would collect tissue samples from the fetus through vagina collection or by performing an amniocentesis test. Both test are quiet invasive and sometimes could put the child and the mother at risk. Thanks to modern technology DNA Lab Center is happy to offer a non-invasive Prenatal Paternity Test.

Fetal DNA circulating in the mother’s blood is detected and analyzed using microarray SNP technology. We can then compare the markers between the child and alleged father to determine paternity. Results are 99.99% accurate.

The only requirement for the mother is 10 ml of her blood, and for the alleged father 5 ml or a buccal swab.
Although this test could be done at 11 weeks, we encourage our patients to wait at least until the 14 Th week of gestation.
Previous pregnancy history, as well as blood transfusion will not affect the results of the test You could expect results between 5 to 12 business days from reception of all samples. Like a paternity test between an alleged father and a child, the results are 100% accurate and the accuracy of the test reach 99.99%.
If the alleged father is ruled out his chances to be the father will be 0.

This test uses cell-free fetal DNA and provides an alternative to invasive techniques for some heritable disorders. New research revealed that widely available blood tests that predict gender are extremely accurate.
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Restrictions applies in New York State.